Sunday, March 30, 2008

Marvel is about to unleash the Skrulls

Check out this new teaser trailer for Marvels upcoming Secret Invasion event. I'm going to see what info I can find and then we can all start guessing who the skrulls are going to be. I have some Ideas already. Check back for an update by thursday.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Comic Book Nerds Unite!

  Here's the newest Comicon 2008 update. Why don't you pack up the car and head on down to The San Diego Convention Center  to the 2008 Comicon July 24-27th . Check out the artist alley and see if you can get a sketch by Bryan Hitch. Also on hand will be comic book creators like  Jim Woodring, Lynda Berry , and Howard Chaykin. Also novelists (those are people that write books without pictures) Joe Hill and Dean Koontz will be slumping there way down there. If your a comic book artist take your Art work for a portfolio review. I'd love to see who they honor with this years Eisner awards.   There is always plenty for everyone at the comic book industries premiere event so check it out and dress up like a super hero while you are at it.Also pick up a comicon preview guide at your local comic book shop.


Pulp Covers Check it out ! Red Fox Report!

    Hey check out this link to Pulp of the day courtesy of Boing Boing This site Downloads all kinds of Pulp magazine and Book covers. I've always been a fan of these Pulp covers with the Femme Fatales painted on the cover. Thank Goodness for the Internet and all the geeks out there that archive all of these wonderful pieces of art. If you Know of any let me know, I've also seen some sites Devoted to Golden age comic book covers. 


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Comic strip of the day !!

                                  One of my Favorite cartoons of all Time Is Underworld by KAZ. He has this really cool website I love to check out all the time. I love reading comics and watching cartoons when I'm under the influence, and this is one of the coolest. I admire his dark sense of humor. Kaz's artistic style reminds me of older more traditional comic strips like Popeye and cartoons like mighty mouse. I think everybody should head to his sight and be prepared to laugh your arse off and maybe buy some of his kick-ass original art,he also has some free downloads and such.

Check out this strange animation.

Long live Comics

The Red Fox !!

Project Super Powers hits the Bullseye.

                     Meet the Golden Age Super heroes like the Black Terror and the Green Lama, in Dynamite comics Project Superpower by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger. These comics give new life to these long forgotten , golden age , public domain characters. The first thing you will notice is the stunning art work by Alex Ross. Jim Kruegers story about a haunted Fighting Patriot character, and the pace of the story is intriguing . Fans of Marvel comics, The Twelve should check this out as well as fans of Kingdom come , Look for the Michael Turner variant covers on ebay, and check out the other blog I  write for Vipers of Eden.

Three Thumbs Up!  THE RED FOX REPOrT !!!!


The death toll in China has been estimated at over 100 people,but
China reports only 19 dead. It is obvious the Chinese are going to try to push this  under the rug to try to protect their investment in the Olympic Games.The European Union is now deciding if they should boycott the Olympics. Maybe the U.S. should do the same due to what Europe is calling cultural genocide. In light of all that is going on in this world who really cares about the Olympics. I don't blame any U.S. athletes that would want to boycott the games as individuals , but I also support their right to compete for Olympic Glory. I applaud the people that disrupted the torch lighting ceremony. Let us not forget these Tibetans that gave their own lives for freedom. Free Tibet Free Tibet Free Tibet. 
Remember Tibet and their struggles for Independence come this summer Olympics. 

Wheeled Cyborg Men have Answer to fuel crisis.

These crazy 2 wheeled cyborg men seem to be able to travel around without the use of gasoline.